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Functionally doped infinite-layer nickelates
Gabay M, Gariglio S, Triscone J-M.

Nature materials. 2022;21(2):139-140

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Generation of Tunable Stochastic Sequences Using the Insulator–Metal Transition
Del Valle Granda J, Salev P, Gariglio S, Kalcheim Y, Schuller IK, Triscone J-M.

Nano letters. 2022;

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Structural and electronic properties of SrCuO2+ δ thin films
Hadjimichael M, Waelchli A, Mundet Bolos B, Mckeown Walker S, De Luca G, Herrero-Martín J, Gibert M, Gariglio S, Triscone J-M.

APL materials. 2022;10(10):101112

The layered structure of superconducting cuprates is considered to be a key ingredient to achieve high superconducting transition temperatures. In this work, we investigate the possibility of doping the SrCuO 2 infinite-layer compound by inserting additional oxygen into its structure. We observe…

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