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Oxygen isotope effect in VO2
Willem Rischau, Xu He, Giacomo Mazza, Stefano Gariglio, Jean-Marc Triscone, Philippe Ghosez and Javier Del Valle Granda

Physical review. B 107 11, 115139 (2023)

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Mapping the complex evolution of ferroelastic/ferroelectric domain patterns in epitaxially strained PbTiO3 heterostructures
Céline Lichtensteiger, Marios Hadjimichael, Edoardo Zatterin, Chia-Ping Su, Iaroslav Gaponenko, Ludovica Tovaglieri, Patrycja Paruch, Alexandre Gloter and Jean-Marc Triscone

APL materials 11 6, 061126 (2023)

We study the complex ferroelastic/ferroelectric domain structure in the prototypical ferroelectric PbTiO3 epitaxially strained on (110)o-oriented DyScO3 substrates, using a combination of atomic force microscopy, laboratory and synchrotron x-ray diffraction, and high resolution scanning…

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Layered metals as polarized transparent conductors
Carsten Putzke, Chunyu Guo, Vincent Plisson, Martin Kroner, Thibault Chervy, Matteo Simoni, Pim Wevers, Maja D. Bachmann, John R. Cooper, Antony Carrington, Naoki Kikugawa, Jennifer Fowlie, Stefano Gariglio, Andrew P. Mackenzie, Kenneth S. Burch, Ataç Îmamoğlu and Philip J. W. Moll

Nature communications 14 1, 3147, 1-7 (2023)

The quest to improve transparent conductors balances two key goals: increasing electrical conductivity and increasing optical transparency. To improve both simultaneously is hindered by the physical limitation that good metals with high electrical conductivity have large carrier densities that push …

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Characteristic length scales of the electrically induced insulator-to-metal transition
Teodor Luibrand, Adrien Bercher, Rodolfo Rocco, Farnaz Tahouni-Bonab, Lucia Varbaro, Willem Rischau, Claribel Dominguez Ordonez, Yixi Zhou, Weiwei Luo, Soumen Bag, Lorenzo Fratino, Reinhold Kleiner, Stefano Gariglio, Dieter Koelle, Jean-Marc Triscone, Marcelo J. Rozenberg, Alexey B. Kuzmenko, Stefan Guénon and Javier Del Valle Granda

Physical review research 5, 013108 (2023)

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Thermal and electrostatic tuning of surface phonon-polaritons in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures
Yixi Zhou, Adrien Waelchli, Margherita Boselli, Iris Crassee, Adrien Bercher, Weiwei Luo, Jiahua Duan, J.l.m. van Mechelen, Dirk Van Der Marel, Jérémie Teyssier, Willem Rischau, Lukas Alexander Korosec, Stefano Gariglio, Jean-Marc Triscone and Alexey Kuzmenko

Nature communications 14 1, 7686 (2023)

Phonon polaritons are promising for infrared applications due to a strong light-matter coupling and subwavelength energy confinement they offer. Yet, the spectral narrowness of the phonon bands and difficulty to tune the phonon polariton properties hinder further progress in this field. SrTiO…

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Nanoscale domain engineering in SrRuO3 thin films
Céline Lichtensteiger, Chia-Ping Su, Iaroslav Gaponenko, Marios Hadjimichael, Ludovica Tovaglieri, Patrycja Paruch, Alexandre Gloter and Jean-Marc Triscone

APL materials 11 10, 101110 (2023)

We investigate nanoscale domain engineering via epitaxial coupling in a set of SrRuO3/PbTiO3/SrRuO3 heterostructures epitaxially grown on (110)o-oriented DyScO3 substrates. The SrRuO3 layer thickness is kept at 55 unit cells, whereas the PbTiO3 layer is grown to thicknesses of 23, 45, and 90 unit…

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Electronic Coupling of Metal‐to‐Insulator Transitions in Nickelate‐Based Heterostructures
Lucia Varbaro, Bernat Mundet Bolos, Claribel Dominguez Ordonez, Jennifer Fowlie, Alexandru Mircea Georgescu, Lukas Alexander Korosec, Duncan Alexander and Jean-Marc Triscone

Advanced electronic materials, 2201291 (2023)

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Competition between Carrier Injection and Structural Distortions in Electron‐Doped Perovskite Nickelate Thin Films
Marios Hadjimichael, Bernat Mundet Bolos, Claribel Dominguez Ordonez, Adrien Waelchli, Gabriele De Luca, Jonathan Spring, Simon Jöhr, Siobhan Mckeown Walker, Cinthia Piamonteze, Duncan T. L. Alexander, Jean-Marc Triscone and Marta Gibert

Advanced Electronic Materials, 2201182 (2023)

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