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Dr Stefano Gariglio

Once completed my master in Physics at the Università di Genova (Italy), I moved to Geneva for my phD thesis to work on the control of the physical properties of complex oxide thin films by field effect. With the knowledge acquired on the deposition and characterization of epitaxial thin films, I started a research project aimed at integrating piezoelectric materials on silicon for MEMS, in collaboration with the Engineering School of Geneva (hepia), the Institute of Micro-engineering of the EPFL and the University of Geneva. The discovery of a two-dimensional conducting interface between LaAlO3 and SrTiO3 in 2007 in our lab has altered my plans, bringing me back full time to the University to probe the superconducting state of this system in our dilution cryostat. More recently I have explored the coupling of structural instabilities in perovskite heterostructures.

During my free time, I enjoy running, cycling and swimming.