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Dr Javier del Valle

I was born in the green region of Asturias, northern Spain. I started my Physics undergraduate studies in the Universidad de Oviedo and finished them in 2010 in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, where one year later I completed a MSc in Theoretical Physics. In 2010, I joined Jose Luis Vicent’s lab as a PhD student and worked on superconducting vortex dynamics until my thesis defense in 2015. I then moved to Ivan Schuller’s lab at the University of California San Diego, and specialized in correlated oxides, metal-insulator transitions and neuromorphic computing.

Since January 2020, I am an Ambizione Research Fellow in Jean-Marc Triscone´s lab at the University of Geneva, where I work on the SNSF-financed project “Correlated oxides for neuromorphic computing”. My research is focused on the electronic properties of correlated oxides, and how their rich phenomenology can be exploited to create new ways of computing.

Outside the lab you will most likely find me outdoors: trekking, mountaineering, snorkeling, surfing, running or just walking around, I am not one who likes sitting still!